Company has been established in year 1995

Aaltokolmikko provides business consulting, analysis and mentoring services areas of Business ICT and Work safety.

Further information:

Pekka Aalto

phone: + 358 50 3644542



- Keep promises
- Action not talking
- Be positive

Business ICT - enhanced business benefits

We have discovered that 

  • Over 50 % of ICT intensive project will fail
  • Most business ICT operations doesn't generate as much value add to business as expected

We have long experience how to turn projects and services to value added track. Our experience covers large global companies and as well medium size local companies. We have been working hands on with large projects, outsourcing and offshoring. Our methods will help you to achieve maximum potential from your company's ICT operations.

We offer services to all phases of application life cycle.

Lifecycle of applications

Work safety leadership and culture development


- Although company has made everything required by authorities accidents happens. Main reason for this is people behavior and company's working safety culture

We have analysis tools to find out working safety leadership culture maturity. After analysis we will give you guidance to go forward. We will help you with your cultural change journey